Moving Rocks

So, I started doing cardio on Monday, even though my assessment was not until today. I had no time for dinner on Monday and considered cheap, fast go-food. Instead, I stopped by the grocery store so that I could cook something healthy, but we were not done eating until almost 9 p.m. Cleaned kitchen, etc. and was in bed after 11:00. Rinse and repeat for Tuesday. It’s only noon and I can already see that tonight will be little different. That’s just one reason why I haven’t been exercising. Time management is not my strength. But, I told my husband that it’s like moving rocks in a bucket. Sometimes you have to rearrange them a few times, sometimes you have to leave out some of them, but eventually, you get the important rocks to fit. Exercise is an important rock to me – one that has been neglected for too many years. We’ll rework this bucket as many times as it takes until we get something that fits.

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  1. We love our crockpot for healthy meals and saving time at dinner. Like you, it’s hard to get to bed before 11 or later. Looking at our family from the outside, people would probably think that’s ok because we homeschool, but it isn’t healthy to go from 6am til nearly midnight. Our bodies need rest to go with that exercise and healthy meals! I’ll be praying about your rocks, as you try to figure out what to keep and what to remove from the bucket!

  2. I can totally relate…I’m horrible with time management…but I’m working on it as well. You can do it!! ♡

  3. Oh Denise I nod to this tune all too well – that sticky skill of time management. I love your moving rocks in a bucket image. Thank you for that visual tool!

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