My Story

It was hard typing my story.  These past years I have had to endure what most I pray never will.  My husband and I were transferred her from Mississippi.  We both were so excited about the change.  It was going to be our new start in life and at that time we only had one child left at home.  She was adapting well.  I landed a wonderful job at the City of Greenville as a permit tech and we was quite happy.  I had only been there a month when my world was shattered.  I received a phone call from the hospital in Tallahassee, FL that my oldest daughter was in a car accident and wasn’t sure if she would make it through the night.  When we finally got there the doctor wanted to do surgery but told us to go ahead and make funeral arrangements just in case.  At best, if she was to recover she would never walk again. I praise God that her story still lives on.  She is paralyzed from the chest down and partially paralyzed in her right arm and hand.  She had been in the hospital for around five months.  That started my weight loss goals.  I had actually lost around 50 lbs and we feeling great.  My daughter is now self efficient and is married to a wonder man who loves her, despite her disabilities. I even started going back to school. life was really great.  All that changed in 2014.  My youngest son, came home with his girlfriend and new baby.  He said he wanted what my husband and I have. My husband was happy.  Our son seemed happy as well. Three days later he took his life at the house and everything I knew changed.  I can never forget that night no matter how hard I try.  I wanted so much for him and knew that God had brought him to us to help him.  I’m not his biological mother but I love him just as much as do my girls.  That night, a part of me died.  My spirit my song my caring, died.  God’s strength has carried my husband and I thus this far.  People ask us how do we do it.  How do we keep going with what we have been through.  Of course I used food to cover up my pain.  All I have lost is now back. My health has been fading fast

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  1. I’m so sorry for all you’ve had to go through. Praying your RBL journey is fulfilling and rewarding.

  2. Tammy is my BFF and I love her dearly. I pray everyday that she will accomplish even more than she has set out to do. I know that whatever she sets her mind to and she prays about she will succeed. I am very blessed to have Tammy in my life and she has and will always have whatever support I can give her. God is going to do a mighty work in her life through this journey and even when the 12 weeks are over the journey will never end and she will continue to succeed in whatever she does. She has been a great BFF and we will always be BFF’s. I love you Tammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am claiming that you are going to shatter all your goals and we will all be “blown away” by your life changing transformation. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tammy, I am so sorry! I remember your daughter’s tragic accident and I am so happy to hear about her recovery! But, I had no idea about your son. My prayers and heartfelt condolences are with you and David. I don’t know the pain of losing a child, but I do know what you mean when you say it felt like part of you died…and things will never be the same. I felt that way when I lost mama. I still miss her dearly and it still hurts…but God has awakened my soul again. I didn’t think it was possible…but you know He’s works in mysterious ways. I pray He wraps you in His comforting arms until His warmth penetrates your soul. ♡

    P.S. Message me if there’s anything I can do to help you. ♡

  4. Wow your story is powerful! I am so sorry for the struggles and your loss. Prayers of continued healing and hope. May your journey with RBL and beyond be blessed. I look forward to getting to know you better!

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