A good kind of hurt


  Today was my first ActivTrax workout and after doing cardio each day this week and a group class on Tuesday, my legs and abs HURT! I was getting ready to leave the gym today after some more time on the treadmill and got halfway down the stairs, I then realized I’d brought my kids today and had to go back up the stairs to get them! :0( My boys were happy to see me which was a nice pick me up, but then Little Man (17 months old) decided Mommy needed to carry him. I was quickly reminded of those rope pull downs and pec flies. 

     Now that I’m at home and doing chores around the house I definitely feel the muscles I worked today, but it is a wonderful reminder of the hard work I did and the awesome opportunity that has been given to me. 

     So even though it hurts, it’s a good hurt :0)

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