Can someone say anxiety??

I had my wellness check yesterday. Overall it went well. I was extremely nervous, so much so it elevated my blood pressure quite abit.. I am not a very outgoing person, very much an introvert. I don’t do well in large groups (it increases my anxiety) , and my ideal idea for working out is by myself.. So this process definitely has taken me way out of my comfort zone.. Especially last week when we had to do our interviews. I thought I was going to pass out.

All that being said I know that God definitely has a plan for me through all this, and is going to stretch me in this area. He just keeps telling to breathe and take baby steps. Just showing up yesterday was a personal victory for me. This process I know is going to change me from the inside out. I look foward in seeing myself at the end of these 12 weeks tp see hpw different i have becone. So for now I welcome the challenge (even though my nerves are screaming no lol), and I will be doing my first work out tonight after my team meeting. 🙂

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