Down 5 pounds, but…

Because I had too miss my first scheduled wellness check, I decided to go ahead and start eating healthy and doing some exercises at home while waiting for the new appointment. I knew if I lost any weight it wouldn’t count on the contest but it would count for me over all. This morning I got on the dreaded scales and I have lost 5 pounds! I went straight to the kitchen and picked up a 5 lb. bag of sugar and held it for a few seconds just to let it sink in how much that really is. We tend to think 1 lb or 5 lbs is nothing, but it really is. I’m a coffeeaholic and I’m down to one, maybe two cups a day now. I’m killing the water. Anyway, I’m super stoked about the weight loss, but bummed it won’t count in the contest. Oh well, yay me!

One thought on “Down 5 pounds, but…”

  1. I love how you celebrated your huge win by holding that weight and feeling/owning your success! Go Michele – you got this! I’m glad we are teammates😉

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