Getting Started Again…

Well I am starting this journey yet again… I could feel sorry for myself or get angry, but no good will ever come of that.  I need to forgive my past weaknesses and strive to do better for myself.  I, like most of you, know what I need to do to lose the weight, but too often I let life get in the way and make bad decisions and then I blame everyone else for those decisions because “they were out of my control.”  Well that is just an excuse and I need to put excuses behind me and move forward.  So I will start packing my lunch and keep emergency snacks with me to avoid hitting up fast food, or even worse, going to the grocery store hungry.  I will do my best to work out at least 4 times a week.  I know that I will stumble some, but I won’t let those stumbles derail me and turn me around.  I will succeed in the end even if I don’t get there as fast as I would like.  I have tried the “lose weight quick” regimens and always end up back where I started.  I don’t know why I keep thinking the next “diet” will be the answer because I always go back to old habits once I get close to goal weight and start over.  So let’s start this lifestyle change! That is the only way that I can get where I want to be and stay there for the rest of my life.

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