The Dreadmill

My toes hurt! My toes!!!! I don’t ever remember my toes hurting after a workout! I was not able to get home in time Tuesday night to complete my run/walk outside before dark, so I “dusted” off (more like moved all the Christmas decorations off) my parent’s treadmill while they fed and watched my almost 18 month old (Spaghetti… her favorite!). I was very early in and I have now renamed the machine (thanks to the inspiration of Doug, my Team Leader) the DREADMILL! I hate it because I do not like being on a machine that I feel like I could be pushed off of without a fight.  Sure I have control of the pace, but even at a comfortable pace I feel like it still isn’t me at the wheel, so to speak…

So moving on, in the first run interval, here comes the knee pain. By the end of the intervals, I was so tense I could feel it in my neck and shoulders the rest of the night. I skipped bathing my daughter and was so ready for bed early that night.  Wednesday wasn’t any better either. At one point I dropped my head (in frustration of something work related) and I felt the tense pain in my neck as I made a sudden move.  I have found I either need to get more comfortable on the Dreadmill or get home early enough to run/walk outside.

Tonight was a little better as I did get home in time complete my run/walk outside. The rain stopped by the time I finished changing clothes, my husband put our daughter in the running stroller and he pushed her behind me as I did my interval training. All was good, but man my toes hurt tonight.  Sure I’m a little sore in my legs and a tiny bit in the back, but nothing compared to the Dreadmill pain.

Tomorrow I am going to my 2nd Barre class and I am anxious to do a little leg toning and stretching.  The only struggle I am going to be fighting this weekend is my birthday celebrations.  I did lose the temptation battle at lunch one day this week when my co-workers took me to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  How can you go there and not order a slice of Cheesecake? I must say, I have done good rationing it out and have eaten about 1/4 of the slice at each “helping”, so I still have a good amount left that may be eaten by husband at this point.

This weekend will be tough with a trip to the circus on Saturday, followed by a birthday dinner with my family.  The good thing is I am preparing by reviewing menus now to look for healthy options. If I go in prepped, I am likely to stick to my selection, or at least be prepared to ask for substitutions to make my dinner healthy without having to just eat a salad. I will be taking the day off from exercising on Sunday…Happy Birthday to me!!!

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  1. If your toes keep hurting, you might need a bigger pair of running shoes. MANY years ago when I briefly thought about training for a 1/2 marathon, the trainer said to buy shoes 1/2 size to a whole size bigger than you normally wear due to feet swelling when you run. Keep going!! We CAN do this! ~Teresa

    • Thanks for the advice. These are new shoes (sized and fitted at Fleet Feet). I think I need to break them in or lessen my shoestrings. But they hurt after the run not during so could also be my planter fasciitis… either way I’m not letting it be an excuse 😊

  2. Game plans win games! Good for you – it may. E extra work but planning my meal before eating at restaurants – game changer! I feel in control, not punished, and guilt free by my informed choice! Go you around a birthday celebration even 👏🏻🎉

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