Yesterday- Victory and Defeat

Yesterday was tough. I had a great night on Tuesday we went out to my favorite Japanese restaurant and I did pretty well with what I ate. I had hibachi shrimp, mixed vegetables, half a (small) bowl of rice and my favorite bean sprouts (as a substitute for noodles). Yesterday morning I had cottage cheese, mixed nuts (no peanuts), and a few pieces of dried pineapple for breakfast but for lunch and dinner I blew my healthy eating pattern. I ate two flour tortillas with lunch, half a Philly sandwich and half order of fries for dinner, then I had a bag of chips and a big brownie for dessert.

While I am disappointed that I broke from eating healthy I learned a few very important lessons: 1) The foods I ate didn’t ‘make me feel better’ like they have in the past, 2) There is no point in wallowing in my mistake because it just makes me feel like a failure, and 3) Today’s a new day, I can start back eating the way I should and taking pride in making healthy choices. So while I was defeated by my food decisions yesterday I am claiming victory in the Lord today and praying for strength and guidance to stick to eating better.

I also had victory in exercising yesterday. Normally if I don’t feel good it would take a miracle for me to want to do anything but veg out on the couch but yesterday I decided to suck it up and power through it. I was having a terrible pain in my right side (probably what I ate at lunch since it started right after that) and I couldn’t get comfortable sitting at work and even standing hurt. I made the choice to still go out and walk with my husband and even did double the amount we normally do. It was something I needed to prove to myself , that I was stronger than my aches and pains (I have arthritis and some other issues) and that I could have victory even when I didn’t feel well.

Today I am starting anew and I am stronger from the lessons I learned yesterday. I am really excited to meet with Doug and the At Home team on Saturday for my first work out with them. I am feeling much better today and I can tell a difference just from the last few days of eating healthier. I’ve started drinking about 60 ounces of water a day and trying hard to make sure that I eat small healthy snacks in between meals so that I don’t get super hungry because that’s where I made my bad food choices.

Yesterday I also found out some information that made me want to create a healthy new lifestyle and stick with it more than ever. My husband went to the doctor and he weighs 402 lbs 😦 I feel like I’m partly to blame because I do all of the cooking and picking up fast food but I know that now is the time to take responsibility for my meal choices and make them healthy to help him as well. I’ve always struggled with how much he should be eating as he works a very physical job but now is when the rubber meets the road. If I don’t make some serious lifestyle changes at home he will be at an even higher risk for obesity related diseases.

I hate that I sound like a Debbie downer in my blogs so far but it had really been a struggle this last week and I want to be real with everyone because creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy or fun at first. I’ve been assured that in the next week or two healthy eating will slowly become my new normal as long as I stick with it and I’m looking forward to getting to that point. Praying for strength and wisdom for all of the RBL’s working hard to make a positive change in their lifestyles!


2 thoughts on “Yesterday- Victory and Defeat”

  1. The best part of down days is that there will also be good ones. Keep it up your doing great and God will not only transform the outside but the inside as well. His mercy is new every morning. ☺️

  2. Oh sweet Cayla I add my prayers as well. Every day is a new day and the goal is to keep doing better each day until you offering your best full out. You have got this pushing through pain for the mental victory. Can be a huge power move. And to accept that yummy food is not as yummy when you have a new goal! Good luck and much prayers 😉

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