A morning at the gym and a night at the circus…

I have continued to stay strong.  I have accomplished my first week of home running sessions and my two day of exercise on my arms as well as the suggestion exercises that Rob shared.  So I was thinking, good job, keep it up, you got this….then it was time to take the grand son to the circus. I knew I would be tempted to dive into any number of the junk food cravings once the aroma hit so I began to panic!  Oh, no what if I can’t get through the first week without sticking to my goal of only eating good food.  So I prayed  and formulated a plan.  Instead of just one salad for lunch I will pack 2 and then eat one just before leaving work to head to the circus.  That way I would not be tempted. (Good plan right?)

Well, we all know even the best plans have flaws.  I did not have a hard time until that heavenly scent of cotton candy, popcorn, and the other treats seemed to saturate the air to the point of removing all my oxygen!  (or that is what it seemed like)  Panic set in, I began to pray for focus, I told myself I am not hungry and that sweet aroma was nothing but a trap, but it was still difficult to resist.  I am happy to report that I did not give in to ANY of those sweet treat and the circus was a wonderful show!  Thank you lord for helping me through one of the hurdles.  Isn’t it crazy how you may never think of eating those things until you find yourself in that type of environment.  It is almost like we are conditions to eat the junk if we are out having fun.  I am determine to not give up!


4 thoughts on “A morning at the gym and a night at the circus…”

  1. Oh Connie we are programmed to be taken in by the intoxicating smells – they touch are deepest memories and that fun should include all five senses including that tempter taste. Gray plan. Amazing resolve! And your willingness to share your journey!

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