Awkward day Today

Today I decided to go to the workout room instead of going a group class. Man I felt awkward, and a bit intimidated too. While I bask in my weirdness. I do not do well when I feel intimidated. awkwardness that happens; just move through it. It usually doesn’t last long. I walked on the treadmill for a while before moving to the machines. Right there is where intimidation reared its ugly head.

Let me step over here just a minute the enemy knows our struggles. At least he knows ALL of mine. Seriously, grasp this thought.  He does though. He knows that I can’t function if I feel like I have lost control of the situation. Satan knows how to get in my head BIG TIME! He knows this girl is ambivert (introvert/extrovert…more intorverted). I do not like being the center of attention.  He forgets I have a daddy. A BIG Daddy. One that died for me, and loves me beyond my comprehension. 

Back to feeling awkward and intimidated.

I literally was standing by the machines reading my ActivTrax workout page, and praying! Praying that I wouldn’t mess up. Praying I could just get through it today. I did, one by one I found the needed machine for todays workout. I heard the same words today that I heard the first time I did Zumba. “Focus on ME, not the others.”  I can’t say that the nervousness went away. I focused on Him more than the others, and made it through the workout. I will do better next time.

Psalms 91:2

I say to the Lord “You are my refuge, my stronghold! You are my God-the one I trust!”

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  1. ❤ you ❤ your story ❤ your perspective! I nod with you – claim Big Daddy – Satan be gone! You are doing awesome, taking note of triggers- claiming your challenges and the best part PUSHING THROUGH!!!!! Is everyday awesome – no! But you are ready to improve and celebrate the growth!!!! Amen 👏🏻

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