Rockstars Stepping Up

I was privileged to be at the Verdae Ymca for the weekly boot camp with Lou and it was tough but it was good !! We were challenged to push ourselves but not hurt ourselves and I believe every person in that room did just that. There were some moans and groans but nobody gave up !!! We went at it full force until we were out of time and then we took the time to talk a few minutes as a group about our struggles , our concerns and our successes. It is such a blessing to be a part of a group that genuinely cares about one another and will reach out with encouragement and prayer for anyone who has a problem or needs some motivation !! We are in the early stages of our journey together but I already know I can count on my new friends to be there for me when the going gets tough and I need some encouragement or a little push !!! We were texting each other later about our workout and I said Too Easy Drill Sargent !! To which Lou replied yep but we will take care of that next week !! I said I just remembered I have that thing I have to do next week and he said you sure do you have boot camp again …lol You know he’s right !!! Have a good weekend friends and Go Falcons !!!!!!

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