Sitting on the side of the road waiting on roadside assistance… Satan has worked hard this week, attacking me from the day of my first post, and he hasn’t stopped. I’ve had migraines, personal attacks, fear! You know, that feeling that I’m working to surrender to God. Yep, Satan used it against me this week!

I was supposed to run a group run yesterday, but we spent the night listening to dogs fighting and yelping. I realize that was an excuse…fear. We did still manage our family hike, though. It was about 2 miles, and lots of climbing. According to Fitbit, I climbed around 35 flights of stairs.

Summary of Week 1:

  • Worked out 4 days at the YMCA, 1 day of heavy cleaning at home, and 1 day hiking with the family
  • Made healthier choices and stayed within my calorie limits.
  • According to my scales at home, I started last Sunday at 251.6 and weighed in at 245.6 this morning. That’s -6lb!
  • As for Satan’s attacks? I’ve read the whole Book. Our team wins! God is bigger!

Onward to week 2!Β 

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