Jedi Mind Tricks

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. – Proverbs 24: 26


So, I have a confession to make I lie to myself – A LOT!  And actually I have been doing it for years, most likely decades.  Some lies we all have probably thought, muttered under our breath or even said aloud as a joke. You know the ones: “Oh birthday cake can’t have any calories it’s celebrating someone’s special day.” “Grandma’s cooking doesn’t count as meals because it’s made with only one ingredient – LOVE!”  “I don’t need to exercise I feel great!”  and one often felt – “The dryer must be on the brink – it shrunk all of my clothes!” But like most lies, they aren’t really all that funny they can really hurt and damage the trust bond, with even ourselves.  An often lie I’ve told myself – you can’t do this. . . you aren’t worth it….how many times have you started and bailed? I love me a good informercial and have purchased quite a bit from staying up too late because I couldn’t sleep because of the huge amounts of sugar and caffeine I consumed to wake myself up because I couldn’t sleep the night before because I never wore out my body with like actual movement known as exercise and the cycle continues and continues on loop for like F-O-R-E-V-E-R (if you have ever seen The Sandlot yes it is the exaggerated Forever!)  With all these lies I don’t trust many people, including myself.  I am trying to win back my own trust by sharing gentle and not so gentle truths.  Like; “No sweetie the scale is not broken that’s really what ya weigh.” mixed with “But the pounds are just a number – I promise. We hope it goes down but just a number all the same.  Still the person who stepped on the scale 2 seconds before and the person who will step off and continue their day.”  “You have to move everyday – not every movement/exercise session has to be strenuous but yeah the heart likes to pump and like a car needs to used to keep running in top condition.”  “No a 20 minute workout even if strenuous did not burn 1500 calories and an all you can eat buffet did not ring under 400 calories because you took “healthier” options like berries in the chocolate pudding and put back two french fries. ”  Frankly, if I am being honest and I’m trying….I don’t like all these truths.  Some of them make me cry, some of them make me angry, but some hit home and make me nod.  Yep, that was true and I needed to hear that and UNDERSTAND it.  My response is to play jedi mind tricks with myself with more truths (some unsaid truths and hope I don’t probe the idea too much) but to keep it completely above board.

I crave variety – new fruit/veggie or at least a new way to prepare it (if you like raw carrots maybe roast them or make a soup with them) and a new exercise as often as I can but at least 2 of each a week right now as I am in the honeymoon phase of this amazing opportunity.  The jedi mind trick is that I am telling myself how fun! What an adventure to try something new – it’s like a game!  But the unsaid – push your boundaries, think past the I can’t, and look forward in the journey and not back into the creature comfort habits or potato chips and the only veg in life includes a remote in front of the tv!

Must move everyday – 15 minutes! Fun, walking, family time, gym but where my fitbit will count it as activity.  (the jedi mind trick – it’s really thirty and eventually to stretch to an hour – not crazy overzealous blowout power everyday but a more active lifestyle.  A mindset that will continue past these 12 weeks but shhhhhh I don’t want to spook myself!)

With that mindset a new activity only needs to be attempted five minutes – ten is the real goal but certain challenges require the 5 minute permission.  Remind myself I may tell the machine 15 minutes or even 30 is my goal but I’m the boss and can shut it down if things start to hurt or breath is too short or beyond miserable AFTER I’ve really tried.  (jedi trick like most tantrums the I don’t wannas wear out after five to ten minutes – start to see the heart rate and realize wow I’m already a 1/3 done with this or halfway and I’m still ok – on fire actually! – let’s do this!)

Fill the plate with less – Seconds are always an option! This can be done by using real measuring devices – they will take the guessing out of the guesswork and actually help me work the program I want to complete.  (Jedi mind trick – seconds rarely are an option – I mean if the stomach is just growling and could win over a grizzly snarl its considered!  But after measuring the meal and seeing how much calories really are consumed the mind starts to say hey stomach shhhh!  wait supper is coming and it is filling – Body drink water or grab seconds on the veggie.)

Telling myself I don’t want pop (soda – I’m from the North/Midwest).  This may be the closest untruth.  Because I really am addicted to soda – I love the stuff!  I have easily consumed 10 cans in a day (not EVERY day but enough that I was able to do this on any day) but I have cut down significantly.  I’m at about 12 oz every few days.  That is huge strides – Jedi Mind Trick just survival!  Trying to replace with H2O – often, regularly.  Some days no big deal.  At a restaurant last night my son asked why I got water.  Which is a recent change but consistent in the last few weeks.  and I responded because I wanted water??!?  He shook his head and kind of snapped, No! I blinked and offered a puzzled face.  Like a teacher reiterating an important lesson he talked softer, slowly, but firmly “No, because you want to be healthy.”  Wow, that is some truth!

Let us not forget our truth, our goals, or our mission to live HealthFULL lives that means we are Feeling Unbelievable & Loving Life that is FULL of health in all areas including our spiritual health and our relationship with Jesus!  Love yourself enough to speak truth and live out your HealthFULL  Journey!


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