A little setback…

  Well this morning I went to weigh in and I’ve only lost 2 lbs 😦 I did a Zumba class and my activtrax workout this morning thinking about those 2lbs and hoping that I was burning off 5lbs in one day. I know it doesn’t work that way but I’m really hoping that the effort I’m putting in will start showing in numbers. 

I know I’m getting healthier, I know the weight will eventually come off, but truely the waiting is tough!

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  1. I completely understand, I have yet to loose any weight because I don’t eat frequently enough. We must hang tough and adjust as necessary to loose the weight.

  2. Don’t let the scale get you down! More important factors to look at would be inches lost, the way your cloths are fitting, and the duration of your workouts getting longer and easier let. Just remember woman typically lost weight slower than men but lost more incurred then men do. Just stay committed to your nutrition and exercise and it will start showing. Remember to get your daily water intake in.

  3. Ugh! I checked my weight and it was 2 pounds UP. But, I need to build muscle so that I can burn more fat. New muscle would be a win. I am such a wimp, I need muscle to keep up with those kids God has called me to chase around and those babies He has called me to rock at church. I know I am getting stronger. I keep telling myself that if I will be patient, the pounds should start to come down.

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