I’m fortunate enough to the be chosen as one of Rob’s Big Losers!  I’ll be honest …I’m not fond of that title…Who wants to be a LOSER?   What I want to emphasize is what I will gain.

I vow to gain the confidence to believe that I can be successful.  That’s very difficult for me to even state when I have failed many times before.  BUT THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT!  First of all, I’ve got an awesome support team that will “have my back”.  I have met my coach, Leslie, that will keep me accountable and well as my other team members.

I want to gain the strength to be able to run or at least run/walk the 5K at the end of this 12 weeks.  That will be a challenge in itself.  You see, I have been a caregiver for my husband for the past ten years.   It was a very demanding and stressful journey.  That life takes its toll on a caregiver/spouse.

In response to the  “letdown” of that journey, I became very sick in November and December of 2016.  No doctor could identify what was wrong but the pain was horrible.  I lost 20 pounds but it was muscle and I felt very unhealthy.  The only relief was to stand.  I couldn’t sit or even lay down without pain.   Eventually and very slowly it got better during the last few weeks.  So it was very daring of me to think that I could have the strength to go to a gym.   I still have more weight that I can lose during this 12 weeks but mostly I want to gain POWER.   And on top of that, I’m one of the oldest RBL in the whole group…But I so want to feel good again.  I know that our bodies are the temple of the Lord and I want to be pleasing to HIM and be able to serve HIM in any moment and in any situation.   When you don’t have your health, you can’t be as available.  I know Jesus can use us in any “state” but I don’t want any obstacles to be of my own making!

So with faith, hope and strong desire, I move toward this very successful 12 weeks to GAIN strength and joy for my new normal.  I appreciate HISRADIO and the staff and the team for their support in this quest!

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