Family Benefits Too!

It’s 9 PM on Monday evening and I just got back from the YMCA.  Had a good upper body workout and a 1.15 mile run/walk. The family is getting excited and starting to reap the benefits of the RBL program as well.  My wife and daughter got a good hour and half workout in the pool this evening and my son and I will catch some court time in the morning with some basketball.  I can’t thank Rob, HIS Radio, and the YMCA enough for providing this program.  You guys rock!

I also want to say a special thank you to Carolyn, my best friend and the best wife ever. She has been super supportive. (I love you baby!)

I find that I am really getting energized by the workouts and look forward to the next trip as soon as I finish the current workout.  Cravings aren’t killing me and eating ‘clean’ isn’t as tough as I thought it would be. However, I am having trouble making time to prepare meals.  For instance, this morning was crazy busy and I didn’t get the chance to prep a salad before work.  I ended up eating a pop-tart around 1 PM because I was starving.  Definitely not ‘clean’ and definitely not nutritional.

It’s getting late so it’s time to tuck in the young ‘uns and prep tomorrow’s meals.

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  1. Shawn, one of the things I use to always struggle with was meal planning and meal prep. Something I do when making salad I’d that I will cut evertyhing up that I want in my salads and then I go ahead and put evertyhing in a mason jar (except my dressing) I will prepare them on Sunday for the whole week so I can just grab one in the morning and add my dressing of choice for the day. Google salads in a jar. I also put alot of my things I’ve cooked that are leftover in Mason jars and freeze (be sure to leave room for expansion) Hope these couple things may can help you on meal planning and prep.

  2. So awesome to hear you are LOCKED in! Having a supportive wife and family is such a plus. One thing you might want to try is having ONE day to prepare a whole week. Or maybe two days. The daily morning crazy will always get in the way. But, having a scheduled time to do it can work.

    I am a night before kinda of guy. That works for me at least.

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