Lack Luster to say the Least

Sunday…Super Sunday, Sunday-fun day, Sunday the Sabbath. Yes it’s that day. Regardless of what is going on today, this is the day I choose to rest. Rest you say?? But Troy, you were out of commission and resting most of the week. Out of commission yes; resting, absolutely not! It has been a struggle to eat clean all week, I am not sure about everyone else, but when I’m under the weather, all I want is those carb-loaded, fatty comfort foods. Well I didn’t give into that, not even today on Super Sunday. This is the one day of the year that most men commit enough caloric debauchery while rapidly descending into blubbery comas to keep cardiologists gainfully employed. I couldn’t do it, it’s not that I didn’t want to, but I realized it not worth the rollback. The thing is, despite enjoying wings, pizza, chips, soda, and everything else you could throw into a Superbowl party , none of it is worth what it does to our bodies. You can try to tell yourself, well it’s just one day, or its my cheat day–but the reality of it is that your are only lying to yourself. In fact we have already made up our minds we were going to eat it. We don’t have to make excuses  to eat something we just do it. It’s a conscious decision… the type of decision  that is not to dissimilar to one that would be made of an alcoholic or drug addict. I guess the only difference is that we need food to live unlike alcohol and drugs. We don’t have to choose garbage to eat though. We have to stop telling ourselves that, I can’t live without bread, coke, sweet tea etc. Yes we can. In fact, people did it for thousands of years.

On a missions trip to Cuba this past summer, I realized exactly how spoiled we really are as a society, and that most shows in our food choices.  There, ALL the foods are fresh. It’s a country with so little, but they eat so healthy. Nothing has preseratives in it. You could taste the quality and freshness. After 8 days of preserative-free, unprocessed food, I felt better.

–It’s now Monday afternoon, and I’m finishing up my blog–Even though the Super Bowl turned out to be one spectacular game, my celebration and choice of food was lack luster to say the least compared to the average party-goer’s menu.


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