Better late than never!

Hooray and a BIG thanks to Lisa Dyer for spending her time to help me figure out how to get online to blog!

I am so THANKFUL to Rob, HIS Radio, and the YMCA for making this opportunity available!

I met with my Coach, David White, on Mon., Jan. 30th, and after seeing those dreadful numbers (I knew they were going to be high but 46% body fat!?!)  H-E-L-P!  I’ve been to the Y or exercised everyday and and already feeling stronger!

Week # 2… Warning!  I am here!

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  1. When my daughter makes up her mind to do something, she is in 100 plus percent and i know without a shadow of doubt that she will be 100% successful with the help of family, friends, and most of all, God almighty who makes everything possible. i am so proud of her and i am getting helpful hints to help me with this struggle.

  2. Shari, you are doing fantastic. You will need to share a few hints with me to get me heading in the right direction also. Sitting on a heating pad and snacking all the while. Keep up the hard work. You know everyone is pulling for you.

  3. Hey Girl!! Let me know next time you need a greek salad I’ll be there! So proud of your committment. I’m ready to walk with you whenever you need a buddy! Love ya!

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