Crumbs, Calories, and Kids

My son turned 7 today. Over the weekend, his sister made him a calorie laden, chocolate “dirt and worms” cake. Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, oreos crumbs, and gummy worms. It was delicious, absolutely delicious. Yes, I ate a piece, and did I mention, it was delicious? The kids ate a piece Sunday after church, and then we all ate a tiny piece yesterday. The rest of it went to the trash.

I have a lot of crazy food related feelings, ideas, thoughts, etc. I have come to realize that I am teaching my children those same things, giving them an unhealthy relationship with their food. One of my kids, like me, thinks that food is the answer to everything. Another of them watches nearly every bite, saying things like I’ll eat this instead of that, it’s healthier or I don’t want to eat that, it would taste good, but it’s too many calories.

Part of my journey is teaching my children to have a healthy relationship with food. They need to know that we are eating to live, not living to eat. Also, though, that it’s ok to have a small piece of birthday cake, or a donut occasionally. It is not ok to eat cake or donuts every day, though.

Honestly, teaching my children how to be healthy is so much harder than my own journey of getting fit and losing weight. I do want them to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain their bodies as the temple.

I don’t want them to obsess over every crumb and calorie.

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