Late start on the blogging

Well, I’m a little late in the blogging game. I’ve been keeping up with my own personal blog, but forgot to write here. Anyway, I had a great first week last week. I started off on Tuesday with my Wellness Works appointment to get weighed in and get my other measurements. Then I hit the gym again Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday doing both my weight lifting and cardio. I’ve been doing about 30-35 minutes of cardio each time (I like the elliptical best) and I do my weight lifting, which takes about 30 minutes as well. I also started eating clean. That’s been a huge deal for me, because I really love food, which is pretty much what put me in this situation to begin with. I’ve actually done better than I thought I would; it hasn’t been that hard to say “no” to all of the bad foods. I’ve even come up with some new healthy recipes that I REALLY love now! I’ve made some new friends in my group and it’s been just a really great experience so far. I’m really looking forward to the rest of my journey!

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