Not As Sore

So I noticed something today.

I don’t feel like death after my workout. Mind you, I do feel a little sore and I’m sweating profusely while I’m working out, but my muscles seem to be getting used to my workout because they feel pretty good overall. While I have worked out before, I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this good from working out before.

Tonight we have our first group meeting/work-out. I’m excited to see my group again and get to move together.

I’m still craving bad foods and I wish I wouldn’t, sometimes it’s worse than others, but I’m sure to a degree this is something I will always have. Right now I’m telling myself that this is just a 12 week boot-camp, and when it’s over I can slowly incorporate some of those foods back in, in moderation, but right now my focus is trying to be solely on making my body healthy, and a worthy Temple to the Lord.

Oh! I slept in this morning on accident. Woke up an hour late, but fortunately I was still able to get my workout in and get to work in time! I feel really good about everything. If I can just keep my food under control, I know I got this. I know God has got me. and I know my friends and family got me.

Go Team Caine Halter!!!

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