Week 2 blues??

After losing 8lbs in the first week I thought I would be even more motivated. However I went to the gym last night and just couldn’t get into a rhythm to push myself, I felt sad, insecure for no reason. My mind kept telling me; why are you here, what’s the point. I share this to hopefully help others that have the same thoughts and and feelings. You aren’t alone! Tonight when I go to the gym even if I still feel in the dumps at least I made it to the gym vs. eating my feelings in sweets. It’s the small steps forward that will get us all to a better healthier us!  So of you feel your not doing good in this, you are crawing before you can walk, then you will walk before you can run, and when you run, nothing can hold you back from that finish line. Challenge of the day: next time your at the gym spark a conversation with someone it may make a difference for them 😉

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