Outside my box and loads of guilt. 

Tonight I completed my first class of TRX. I had fun. It was hard! So glad to have Annette and Melinda there too. The buddy system works y’all. Being a “joiner” hasn’t really been my thing. Have I mention that I’m a bit of an introvert? Yes? No? Maybe a time or twenty?   I have to step out of my box. Seriously, I color outside the lines already. Why not bust open the box? Therefore, a few days ago I took my first selfie. It might have been my second. I am not a selfie person. I want this journey documented. So I take selfies. After workout, sweaty, red faced selfies. Good thing we can’t smell through screens. 😂

Smell… why did I have to mention smell? Last night I cheated! My girls wanted to do a redneck red light run. I explained that mom and dad have a budget, and that’s not in it. Our youngest wanted to treat us all to a doughnut. Not just any doughnut. A Krispy Kreme doughnut. 😩 I caved! I ate one hot original glazed doughnut. Only to be filled with guilt. Loads and loads of guilt, and a belly ache all night. Now when I’m choosing food, I ask myself “What do I have to do to burn it off?” As I said before “This is a journey, and I’m learning.”

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