Ok it’s been a couple of weeks now.  Not quite as hard as I thought it would be at least the eating part.  The exercise has been rough.  I  Lost a couple of pounds but can’t hardly move.  My blood sugar which normally ranges in the high 300’s is down to 117 (yeahfinally in range).  My main goal on this journey was to get off of insulin and I am hopefully moving in the right direction.   I now realize  this is not just a diet.  It is a life change.

I’m thankful for my family’s  support and HIS Radio.  Most of all i want to thank my savior for keeping me focused .  God has really helped me stay motivated.    When vendors bring in doughnuts I just think of the calories and sugar that is in them and the amount of exercise  I have to do to work off one bite and decide quickly that is just not worth it.

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