Ups and downs…

This week has had its ups and downs for me. On the positive side, I am loving working out. I have been consistent and it feels good!  I have not been as hungry and have been able to resist temptation several times. On the down, I have just been a little discouraged. I am eating very healthy, much more than ever before, eating way less, exercising way more, but just don’t see the results yet that I would like. I keep reminding myself to keep at it, that it will take time…most days I remember that. The encouragement and support I have received from my husband (who is doing AWESOME on this journey), my children, family and friends has been more than I could have ever asked for!  I am still so thankful for this opportunity. Looking forward to the rest of this journey!

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  1. Jennifer,
    You are not alone! I too am having the same experience. I have lost so far 2lbs, which I know is not bad, however, my expectations were also higher!

  2. Honey, I am so proud of your honesty and your determination! You are committed. I know that! I see that! I continue to pray for you daily! I can’t wait to be there when that Aha! moment happens. I love you and I am so glad that we are on this journey together!! Keep on keeping on and remember to be strong & courageous!!! You are loved!!!

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