So maybe it’s skipping the Saturday work out because of all of “life” getting in the way or the fact that my leg is throbbing  (probably from all the extra weight) or the fact today is the anniversary of my daughter’s death…but today I’m considered so many times just giving up….ive got plenty of excuses…live to far, gotta get settled in the new house, blah blah blah…i already gave into McD’s today… not seeing big change in weight…but why should I continue? Because I’m almost the age my bio father died of a heart attack,I already have a whole in my heart – I have two great kids and I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever had….i deserve to be healthy and happy!!! So I’m going to the gym – it’s been awhile…but this is MY year!!!!

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    • I know how you feel. My son would have been 27 on Monday but I pressed on. When I feel I can’t, I draw on God’s strength to carry on. Just like Melinda said above, We got this!!! You are never alone.

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