From the Birds

So, as I was standing on the Caine-Halter treadmill enjoying the view out the giant window, I noticed a beautiful flock of birds flying past. I thought to myself what a wonderful workout they were getting as they flapped their powerful wings to dip and soar. Then, it occurred to me that if they stopped regularly using those mighty wings, they would lose the ability to grace the sky with their air ballet. And, if they were plump instead of lean, they wouldn’t even be able to get off the ground. Even worse, they would become a snack!

What a beautiful analogy God gave me. For I am experiencing their what if’s. Because I have allowed my muscles to become soft and weak, I am no longer able to dance along in life. And, because I have allowed these extra pounds to creep in, I don’t feel as well and I struggle to get moving. I am easily overcome by fatigue and stress. Their feasting on my soul makes me weary. Wow! I told myself, now I need to practice my flying everyday so that I can more gracefully dance the dance that God has choreographed for my life. I need a strong healthy body to nourish my soul and overcome fatigue and stress. I was inspired by that view today and by God’s message from the birds.

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