Thank God it’s over!

So a few years ago back in 2013 my husband and I took our older daughter Kaylie to Disney World. It was so much fun seeing her face light up to seeing all of her favorite princesses and yes of course Mickey Mouse! We were there 4 days… On hour 2 of our first day my feet, and body were killing me from the walking…By our last day my husband and I were exhausted he actually pushed me in a wheel chair through Epcot. We ended up cutting the day short due to us being tired…. We both fell onto the bed that night and said “Thank God this trip is over!”…..That story is so sad for me… The fact that I couldn’t enjoy myself due to being over weight and out of shape..

Now here it is 4 years later and I am heavier than I was back then, however things are changing!  Also my husband just booked our next vacation to Victoria Island.. It looks beautiful with so many exciting things to do and see! And this time I will be able to walk around with no pain or without being winded… I finally will be able to enjoy myself on a family trip. And this time instead of being pushed in a wheelchair… I will be pushing the stroller… 😀

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