The Spark…8 minutes

We all need to find inspiration, things that help motivate us. This is the hardest journey most of us will face in our lives period. I started the journey two years ago and it has been an uphill battle ever since. Just like climbers that have ascended Mt. Everest, many of them didn’t succeed the first time or even their second. They persevered though and kept at it. I urge you to take eight minutes out of your day and watch this clip. The is the truest form of inspiration. The raw emotion that Pat Brocco reveals I am certain flows through all of us. This is not impossible, but it will seem like it is if we don’t make up our minds to change, and change forever! I don’t want you to think that I am trying to say we all need to look like body builders, but what I am saying is if we eat clean, super clean and move it will happen. Please this is such an inspirational clip I hope you can use it as fuel. If it doesn’t create a smart link just copy and paste.

God Bless


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