2 NSVs!

NSV stands for non-scale victory in the world of fitness, weight loss, healthy living, etc.

I’ve stood on the scales nearly every morning for 2 years. I have watched the scale come down a lot, and then go back up. It has started coming back down, but certainly not as fast as I’d like. I was a bit disappointed that I’ve had my calories so low, and I’ve been working out so much, but not a lot of weight loss.

One thing I’ve learned in the last 2 years, though, and continue to learn with RBL is that NSVs are way more awesome than seeing the numbers on the scale change! I’ve had 2 of them this week!

  1. When I first started losing weight, I bought a pair of jeans from the regular side of JCP, not the plus sizes. They were snug when I bought them, and when I had surgery and put some of the weight back on, they became miserably tight. Yesterday, I put those jeans back on! They were comfy!
  2. I had someone ask me today, “You’ve already lost weight, haven’t you?” I’ve always heard that other people don’t notice until you’ve lost more than 20lb, but someone else noticed already!

Yay for NSV days when the scales are being mean!


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