Five Things Friday – Week 2

I haven’t done it since college, but today, I danced the Macarena! Aqua Zumba was a lot of fun! At first, I thought it wasn’t much of a workout, but as the day has progressed, I am feeling tired muscles. Yay! Tomorrow, our family is planning to do a 3 mile run/walk hosted by a local running store. I think it’ll be fun, too!

Five Things Friday

  1. Water resistance is real, and you can get a good workout without really feeling it at first.
  2. Cravings sneak up on us! Be prepared with healthy snacks! We have learned to take apples or string cheese with us everywhere.
  3. It’s easy to get my minimum amount of water in, but I don’t think I’ll ever get to the amount that I’m supposed to be drinking according to hydration formulas.
  4. Fear is not getting the best of me this week. I have gotten my workouts done, and despite my beached whale similarities, I’m in the floor doing those crunches and leg lifts! Thank you, ActivTrax for thinking I’m capable of doing 941 crunches a day! HA!
  5. Our schedule has been completely out of whack this last 2 weeks. We have eaten out a few times. We rarely eat out, and don’t want it to become a habit! I’ve made healthy choices, but cooking at home is preferable for both financial and health reasons. I would love for you to comment with your favorite healthy, crockpot meal! The easier, the better, of course!


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