I chose salad!

My work week has been a little rocky with 2 big announcements.  The first hit we took I blogged about already. Caved in to Mexican and junk. Today when we took the next hit my co workers were once again headed to Mexican. I can not go! I will eat bad food and feel worse later. We had weigh in last night and I lost 4.5lbs in 2 weeks, but I know it could have been better.

So right now I’m sitting in my car eating salad and strawberries and I’m a little irritated. I love to be included in group lunches and it sucks that I had to stay behind. This has to be the way things are right now because I have no will power in the restaurants.

Good news is I’m still getting up at 5ish and reading the Bible and praying. I feel so much better even though I’m tired, I’m  not weighted down by the crap I ate.  If does feel good to feel good. Plus I get to listen to His radio while I’m eating my lunch!

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