Pushing past pain!

This week has been a physically challenging week. I have been going to the Y at a steady pace, watching what I eat and being conscious about my eating habits. My mentor for “Team Verdae”, Lou, has been really pushing me. He will not let me give up! We had a boot camp session last night and I literally thought I was going to surrender my breakfast and lunch after the workout. He REALLY pushed us, however, I have noticed that this is what I need. I am a former Marine so pushing is what I am made of! I have a goal and my goal is still regaining my life. One thing the Marines taught me that “pain is weakness leaving the body” so I am here to serve notice to weakness that his time is up, he can no longer reside in this temple. I am made strong through Jesus Christ. I will get through this and I will push past all the pain, mentally and physically.

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