Sickness and Setbacks

So, around Saturday I started feeling a little sniffly…and now I have what I’m pretty sure is a sinus infection. Yuck! Despite feeling miserable all week, I haven’t let that stop me. I went to the gym Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (skipped Wednesday because by the time I was able to head to the gym, Kids Care was ending). I was so happy because when I weighed in Tuesday, I was down a pound and a half. But when I weighed in yesterday, I had gained it back. I’m really not sure why that is. I’ve been eating extremely healthy since kickoff and I haven’t been going over my allotted calories my trainer told me to help me lose weight. It’s just really frustrating that I’ve been working extra hard and I don’t know what went wrong. Anyway, I’m just going to keep on going…I’ll get there eventually.

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  1. it’s always possible that it’s muscle gain! Muscle weight more than fat. Go by how you feel, as long as you’re feeling better and doing what you know you should, they scale will come! Praying for you!

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