The Cravings!!!!

Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil. – Matthew 5:37

Most days I appreciate eating healthier.  I like the taste of good healthy food.  Walking into our home smells delicious as we have been cooking a lot more at home, avoiding the drive thru and most restaurants.  I haven’t bought chips or ice cream in several weeks because the label can say 8 servings or  even up to 16, but I really see the package as one!  I love the crunch of chips, the salty satisfaction mixed with different seasonings especially if you add a little sweetness or cheese flavored anything! I heart cheese.

Growing up I had several nicknames that revolved around just my love for cheese.  (Sad, yes, true, absolutely!)  I also love the comfort of ice cream: the cool creamy texture, the endless opportunities for flavors, the richness of feeling like dessert.  Chips and ice cream have been a source of many smiles of mine, and also I dare say could take the credit for many of my extra pounds.  The ultimate enjoyment is to grab a heaping bowl of ice cream or rip open a new bag of chips and plop myself down into the couch/recliner and turn on the tv for a marathon veg session.  Combining tv watching with these delicious binges hold many memories and offer that luxurious feeling of contentment and relaxation.  But as I do not “treat” myself with these items but more of a daily gluttony I avoid the initial purchase.  But today, for some reason I am craving that ooey gooey sugar and salty crunchy moment of pig out bliss.

My son and I were in Costco where we had already picked up a bunch of fruit (strawberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, grape tomatoes, and pineapple) and vegetables ( brussel sprouts, spinach,  bell peppers). I was looking through the frozen selection and what do I spy across the aisle – Snack food! And not just any snack food – Doritos – a huge bag of Supreme Cheddar – (perhaps the sound of hallelujah choir warming up as I found myself crossing the aisle.) I touched the bag – I picked up the bag, I prayed for the label to say all of these healthy numbers and all natural ingredients that I could pronounce of a list around five or six.  But no this huge bag said none of this information.  And I felt my resolve weakening, I placed the bag back next to the others.  I stared it down.  I really wanted to rip open the bag.  It was a flavor I haven’t tried and I almost have a  sense of pride in the variety of flavors I am willing to try in pursuit of my ultimate favorites.  I grab the bag and force it in front of my son’s face.  Surely, if my son wants to try the chips I shouldn’t deprive the little guy.  “Should we buy these new chips” I nonchalantly ask in an eager rushed voice.  “No.” says my chip partner in crime.

I am one note away from a whiny pitch and quickly ask “Why not?” He shrugs his shoulders “I don’t like them.” I entice him with “but you’ve never tried them.” He again shrugs his shoulders again, shakes his head no, and sits down to wait while I decide how to resolve this agonizing, nagging dilemma.  In the end I walked away.  I told my husband about the chips, I am writing to you all about these chips.  I REALLY am CRAVING these chips but I lived another day without trying them.  I sit here hungry but not starving tonight as far away from the kitchen as possible to not eat out of spite or just to graze out of boredom.

Cravings don’t play fair – they tease, they taunt, and they come running out of nowhere with a powerful force. But they truly are temporary.  If I say yes to every one of them then I am saying No to the big picture and my goals.  However, if I let my yes mean yes I do want a healthier lifestyle, yes I want more energy, yes I want to lose weight, and yes I want to be my best version that God calls me to be then my no to the contrary has to be consistent.  Even when those cravings demand our attention, fight for position, and seek us out to crush and destroy our dreams!

Right now I take one step at a time and hopefully between God’s Will, my desire to serve God, and the support of friends, family, teammates and other fabulous people I can continue to grow healthier and that my no stays consistent as I strive to become my best version.

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  1. I needed to read this post so bad. I’ve been really struggling with craving myself. I haven’t given in but it is so so hard some days.

  2. And now, I would like a bag of doritos! LOL Seriously, have you tried any of the protein chips? My husband manages a store for a major supplement company, and he brought some home the other day. They weren’t doritos by any stretch of the imagination, but they were acceptable in a pinch. LOL

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