I’m frustrated with myself, and I feel like banging my head against a wall today.

Last Saturday, I was going to do a group run with friends in one of the local running groups. The dogs cut up all night, and I ended up not going.

This week, I was supposed to meet up with more ladies from the same group. I got up, got dressed, directed the kids towards breakfast, and put my healthy dinner in the crock pot. I rushed the kids who were taking their time, and out the door we all headed.

Then, I had a funny nudge that I had better check the time.

I thought the run was supposed to be at 930…WRONG! It started at 9. We were walking out at 9. <head:wall> That’s ok, we left anyway, and went to the YMCA. I was planning to go to the YMCA after my run, but … at least I made the Y, right?

My goal for this evening is to let my kids watch movies while I plan to get myself pulled together for next week. I’m going to plan our crockpot dinners, get my schedule set, and get the kids’ school assignments ready now, rather than on Monday morning.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. I don’t plan to fail! Discouraged as I may be today, I won’t fail!

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  1. Oh honey when you have so many plates spinning when one falls and you keep the others going = huge success! I hope your plan “to plan” worked out!!!

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