Live an Example

Today my ten year old daughter joined me for our Couch 2 5K at the outside track.  The weather was bursting with Springness.  She was struggling with a cold and had the flu last week.  We shared our goals for the next seven days.  Her’s was to get to bed at a decent time.  Mine was to eat broccoli everyday (my fave). Not snack in the evening after 8pm and walk at the outdoor track twice this week. We ran, talked and drank lots of water. We shared in the cheerful group discussion and stretched.  Afterwards, we went to the sauna- great for her breathing then drove home.

It really hit me how we all make choices to show the next generation how important health and vitality is to us.  How we feel better and are more apt to make good food choices. We can work a defense plan for working out during the week and an offensive plan in how we eat. Our daily habits play out, what is normal to us speaks loudly to our families and friends.

Great job to all in the group for completing a challenging outdoor workout!  th.jpeg

Thanks Doug for blowing his whistle & continuing to pour inspiration & knowledge into us. 24466-Run-And-Be-Happy.jpg

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