Lookin’ for a Fight!

What causes fights and quarrels among you?

Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? – James 4:1

Are you struggling? Are you mid-fight with anyone? Everyone?  We see so much bickering/fighting especially if you visit any social media or follow any news sources.  There is a lot of anger and fear and heavy emotions surrounding us daily.  No wonder I am not alone in finding comfort in convenient places – grocery stores, malls, fast food, something familiar and quick.  Something that will connect and bring easy pleasure.  Except I am trying to let go of some my “bad vices” and trade them for some good habits.  You too?  Let’s hold each other accountable!  For those trying to quit a daily habit – smoking, shopping, gambling, eating junk, drinking, lying, gossiping, or whatever is your daily sin that leaves you feeling guilty, ashamed, less than your best self.  First – I understand – I really do.  Second – Congratulations for being real with yourself that though there is a familiarity in the habit you recognize the negativity it brings to your life.  Third what habit should replace it?  We have a tendency to hold on to our comforts because we fear being without . . .So more success tends to come when we substitute the habit 1 with a habit 2.   Hopefully, habit 2 is a better habit that will bring positive changes versus exchanging a not so good habit for an equally not so good habit or perhaps even a  worse habit.  For instance many have experienced weight gain after quitting smoking because some people exchange their cigarettes for food.

So when I tell you my new habit I warn you – I’m lookin’ for a fight.  What? you may ask.  That’s right I’m lookin’ for a fight.  I am hoping to trade my empty calories with heart pumping exercise.  Today I tried a new class.  I want to let go of old habits which means seeking out new ones to replace them.  The new class – Body Combat.  Wowza! That was a Full heart pumping emotional whole body workout.  I was throwing out kicks to the side to the front with upper cuts and jabs and full out punches.  (I am not entirely coordinated – a bit clumsy and there were several moments I really believed I was going to punch a lady clear out and that lady would be me – right in the face!)   I am happy to say I remained free of injury but wow did I feel that rush of endorphins and healing.  Crazy right?  I love food.  I like to study it from a cultural, nutritional, technical, tasting, psychological kind of examination.  I watch cooking shows, dabble in the kitchen, and truly enjoy embracing new flavors.  But I also have a very unhealthy relationship with food – often co-dependent.  I like to binge, eat in secret, and hide my goody stash and enjoy it solitude with my tv on and let the emotional munching begin.  I seek its comfort and familiarity and excitement and want it to fill the emotional gulf that floods my system.  So when I stumbled across this verse from James.  It resounded within my being.  What battles brew within me? What fights am I seeking?  There’s the good fight of fighting for the best version of me for God.  But there are other battles I pick – I instigate – or just wait for the fight to brew and explode.  Permission to release the buildup of rage, frustration, anger, bitterness and/or hurt that pushes me to eat my emotions away or at least silent.  Yes there is a battle brewing but I am ready to fight in God’s name!  To not just be the best me but to encourage others to be the best version of them and serve those who could use an extra hand.  So believe me when I tell you I’m lookin’ for a fight, but the good news? Its a good fight for the right reason! Praise God and thank you to all who have supported RBL now and in the past through sponsorship, prayers, encouragement, and presence!  We serve an awesome God – blessings to y’all! 🙂



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  1. Maybe I need to check out that class! I really want to try Beast Mode – I love the idea of becoming stronger, able to call myself a beast. The feelings of lifting and letting out a grunt that says, “Yeah! I am kicking butt!” Yeah, I probably have some fight and emotions in me that I should deal with … LOL

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