Struggling with stress

Hey ya’ll,

I have been slacking in both posting blogs and my health journey with rbl. I have been really struggling with stress and depression, it has gotten the better part of me these few days. I feel like everything was starting to be going well after everything that has happend and was feeling good. Then life threw another punch. We are looking at our water being turned off in a few days, possible eviction, behind on the car and more. Everything pilled up and hit me and I ate and sleep my emotions. Today I couldn’t do anything but sleep. I feel like I took 100 steps backwards these few days. However I am doing a yoga session tonight and a group workout tomorrow so I am praying that will start getting me out of this fog. These trials are testing my faith and I feel I am failing at this point. I have seen my fellow RBLs posts, I am proud of all of you, keep pushing threw šŸ™‚ week 3 to me is the hardest so let’s push past this week! I am sitting here writing and can’t wait to get back to my workouts. Challenge of the day: keep me to that I will hit the gym! šŸ™‚

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