Third team workout can be summed up with four letters. P-A-I-N!!!!

Today’s workout was difficult to say the least, but I was able to keep going.  I am still nursing some terrible shin splints which according to the doctor, is causing knee pain.  So this morning  I laid in bed thinking of all the reasons why I could stay in bed  and not go run with my team but I kept coming back to the one reason why I had to get up.  That reason was the promise I made to myself that was to STOP THE EXCUSES!!!  Yes, I had been in pain all week in spite of the ice, heat, massage, and support brace.  Yes, it was cold outside and our team was to run outside today.  Yes, I did not want to take a chance to hurt worse but I still had to admit that all those reasons were really EXCUSES!  I got up, dressed, prayed, and prepared for our workout.  I wish I could tell you that once I got there it was all good and just the average workout but that is not the truth.  It hurt, a lot, so I had to do some kind of speed walk when I was suppose to be running.  Each team mate that passed me did so with an encouraging word.  Several of us were struggling this week but we all  made it through the training.  When we were done and we were stretching, we started talking about our struggles and successes.  One thing that all of us had in common was that we all keep showing up, no one has quit, and all of us noticed that we were not working as hard to breath as we were with our first workout!  Several of us were battling an injury or sore muscles but we could also see the benefits of how our endurance had changed.  This realization gave me a little lift and a reminder that pain is just a part of the journey but it did not stop me or my teammates.  Our lives can be like that sometimes, full of pain from illness, loss, or devastation of some sort but our heavenly father carries us and guides us through the journey.   Isn’t his love, grace, and strength an amazing thing?  I know he will heal these silly shin splints and pains in my knees.  I know he will continue to give us the strength to continue this journey to health!

One thought on “Third team workout can be summed up with four letters. P-A-I-N!!!!”

  1. I had horrible shin splints about 5 years ago and my dr. gave me some great strengthening and stretches. I think you can google shin splint exercises. They were silly easy but they really worked. One was walking on my heels across the room back and forth. It was great.

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