week 2

So this week was really stressful. But, Wednesday I was spending some time praying and reading. In the midst of my reading, I read a really powerful thought. It was about finding our sense of belonging, love, acceptance. I can very easily search for those things in a lot of places. While I think I am asking God for those , I find that when my emotions are out of whack, I am looking to people for my sense of belonging. This leads me to feeling let down and upset. People cannot fill up my heart in the same way God is meant to and can. He is the one who can meet all my needs- physically, emotionally, spiritually. My friend sent me a gift card and this weekend another friend called to check on me. I am never alone. God never leaves me or forsakes me. And I have lots of people in my life who care for me to: my husband, my sister, my church family. Lots of people. Realizing what is true can give me the courage to eat well and look for comfort outside of food.

We ran this past week 90 seconds on and 2 minutes walk. It was tough and windy the 2 days I did it. But I did it. That felt great and running with everyone today felt even better. He is my rock and my salvation and strong hold in time of trouble. May I remember that more each day and live in this truth. He is enough. He will come through. He will show me how to rest in his care.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. I have really been looking for approval in people lately, after a negative attack from someone else. God is the only ONE who I need approval from, and I know that he sees me as perfect. He also knows my heart better than any person. His is the only approval we need. ❤

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