Hanging on By a Thread!

So, I normally do not open up to the level I am about to. This journey has been very difficult, not because of working out or altering my diet as most would think. This has been extremely difficult because Satan has attacked me on a personal level to prevent me from continuing on this journey. He has launched a full frontal assault with swords that have cut to the bone.

Saturday 2/11/2017 felt like Satan and everyone of his demons were bearing down on me. I am not proud of my next comment, but under that pressure I was going to give up on this journey.  With a firm decision of withdrawing from RBL2017, I informed Rob and my coach after many tearful moments to inform them of my decision. At this point I had no faith in myself, was ashamed and felt like a failure. I have only been this low one other time in my life, and I was once again ready to give up on everything.

Rob and my coach would not accept me giving up and gave me the tough love and support I needed. Misty my coach told me the following “as a wellness coach, I listen to people’s goals daily and I’ve noticed that they’re always focused on themselves. But you were different. You didn’t just want to focus on you, but on others, which is what Jesus commands us to do in Matthew 22:39”.

It was at that point I realized how wrong and weak I was during this attack. The attack came very swiftly and had knocked my guard off. My point in all of this is we are human. Even when we feel we a spiritually strong, something can knock us off track and leave us confused and wondering. It is in these times we must lean on Jesus and others to help us regain our footing on a sure foundation.

So, when life gets tough and you feeling like giving up – DON’T! – reach out to Jesus and fellow Christians. It is these people who will always have your back! Thank you Rob Dempsy and Misty Beachham.

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  1. Applause! Oh Mark to be vulnerable to show confusion and share a real moment – that’s real strength! Amen brother – but you got this and your truth right here is why I will go to the gym today even though a lazy afternoon sounded wonderfully tempting. Thank you for being truthful, for perseverance, and you!!!

  2. I’m so glad you’re sticking with us! I totally get what you’re saying. Some days just don’t feel like the struggle is worth it, but I’m so glad you’re sticking it out. I’m praying for you and your journey!

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