Overwhelmed and Blessed

It’s been difficult to keep up with the blogging this past week, but I hope life will not be too busy this week (or tiring) that I don’t make the time.  This morning we sang one of my favorite Big Daddy Weave songs, Overwhelmed.  I could just feel God’s love washing over me in so many ways.  And for a brief few minutes, my knee pain was gone. On the first night of RBL I realized I was going to make my “bad” knee be my excuse for not running or keeping up with my team.  I later realized I was making it an excuse for failure.

A little history. Twenty-one years ago I had cartilage removed from my left knee when I hyper-extended the knee causing the cartilage to bruise.  I remember making this an excuse in my first RBL experience and did not push myself because I was afraid of injury. Then 4.5 years ago, I stepped off the top step of step ladder (thinking I was on the bottom) and ended up tearing my meniscus, in the same knee… I’m lucky it wasn’t worse! I was afraid I’d need surgery again, but ended up healing through Physical Therapy. Praise God! Well, this week, the swelling in the knee began.  I know others have had worse knee injuries in our journey than I have, but I can certainly sympathize. After my first run this week, my knee swelled, but it was manageable. After the second run, I iced it afterwards (and wore a brace during the run) and it seemed good to go. And then Saturday’s run came… I thought all was good, but I did not ice it when I got home.  Instead I walked a little more with my daughter after we had played a bit and (finally) took down the icicle lights from the fence in the front yard and then sat for a bit when she laid down for a nap.  When I got up to do a few chores, I could feel the tightness in the knee.  Then I hit some stairs and realized things were not good.  It was then I remembered that during my run I had a pain shoot across my knee that made me verbalize my pain… OUCH! and I am thinking my knee needs a reboot.  I took stairs one at a time and iced it more. Even iced it when I go up Sunday morning.  It seems better today and I can feel the prayers of friends and family praying for my knee “issue”. I know this is just a hurdle, and the more I strengthen my legs, the less pain I’ll have in my knee.  Good news.. I already have a doctor appointment scheduled for this week so I will talk to him about it all.

All this to say, while at times we get overwhelmed with our situation, God is with us.  I know He is with me in every step of this journey and forever life change I and everyone of us is making.  This weeks run/walk cycle does scare me, and makes me feel overwhelmed by the thought of doubling my run time for 2 cycles! Big Daddy Weave Radio will be playing on my music app for sure this week to get me through!!! Thank you to those of you following our journeys and praying for us.  Your prayers are not going unnoticed or unanswered!

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    • Hey Kathy, Thanks for checking in. The Doctor visit was good, I have a concern that may be part of metabolism problem but it’s fixable and the exercising helps as well. The knee has been better this week. I’ve been doing better with icing and supporting it. I am to focus my strength training on my legs and core to better support my knee. Although he was not happy that I am running, he’s glad I am doing something! He’s not going to tell me to stop but he does want me to listen to my body. I hope you are doing well this week!

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