Pressing On!

I had a good result when I weighed in this past Thursday, but I have been warned by my trainers that the week two and three could be the toughest to shed the pounds. My body will be fighting everything that is going on with my workouts and diet. I feel like my body has been fighting me from day one, but I have been pushing through the pain and getting it done.  I have even got out of my comfort zone to take a few classes to switch it up a bit.  One class was Zumba, which was very different, but lucky for me 3 other guys were in there and I just did the best I could to keep up.

The next class I want to take is kettle bells and a cycling class.  My wife is going to join me working out so we can motivate each other.  I have noticed a few things already, just after the first week. My weight training doesn’t hurt as bad as it did, and my stamina on the treadmill is getting better.

The best part is that I have lost inches in my stomach. When I first received my workout shirts, they were a little snug, but now they actually fit. Seeing the results of hard work and better eating habits have given me the motivation to push it a little harder this week. My son has been going to the gym with me during my  weight lifting exercises, to help me with weights and encourage me to go further.

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