Two Weeks Down

Well after finishing up two weeks, I feel REALLY good!!! I feel like God is answering my prayer to gain a LOVE for exercise. I am really enjoying it, especially Zumba!

Two pounds down and four inches is a slow but steady pace. Love that my clothes feel different and in the past week have worn clothes I have not worn in a year 🙂

Changing eating habits is a bit harder, even though I am a pretty healthy eater overall. I do love my sweets so I am limiting how many I have and replacing my first choices with cuties ( little oranges)

The key for me is writing down everything in My Fitness Pal. Also, on my calendar I am scheduling every single workout before the week begins. Otherwise… it will not happen!

We had our first meeting last week and it was really good to meet everyone and get to hear their stories of inspiration..

Week 3, here I come!! 🙂

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  1. Oh Patti I love a good Zumba class as well. It brings the fun to movement😊 Congrats on opening up your wardrobe options- huge success! And I love the record keeping of food that helps me be real with my food choices. I’m going to have to take your idea to schedule my workouts for the week. Thanks for the idea!

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