Already week 3?

So hard to believe that we are starting in to week 3!! Time does fly when you are having fun. I am at that stage now where I look forward to the feeling I get after a workout, and because of that, I try to do whatever is needed to make sure I get to go! And if I miss one, like I did last week when I was sick, I feel horrible about it!  Don’t get me wrong it has not been easy but so far it’s been worth it! I have been trying to mix it up a little with my cardio, treadmill, elliptical, walking outside, just doing something to stay moving as much as I can. Still trying to tweek my diet, just watching my calorie intake and keeping track of EVERYTHING I eat, and it has really helped me to try to go for the things with fewer calories. It’s amazing how you never really think about how many calories you ingest until you start seeing it in writing!! Come on RBL2017 we CAN do this’!

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