Chain removal

I finally hit the gym after 4 days of self sabotage  (as in my other blog) and it felt great!! So good that I am going back tonight. I did weighted standing calf presses! Never thought I would be able to do something like that. It felt good to get out of my comfort zone and try something. I have always let anxiety get in the way, 1 I avoided gyms because of my anxiety. 2 if somehow I was forced to go I would just walk on the treadmill, due to worrying if I did something else people would watch and judge. Latley at they gym I have been doing the bare minimal due to number 2, so today I pushed myself to a machine I had no clue how to use, asked help and went for it not knowing if I could. I was so excited 😄 afterwards.  I felt like a chain was removed today.

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