Changing One Meal at a Time

I shared with my Caine-Halter group that exercise is one important thing I haven’t yet tried in trying to reclaim my health. I have had years of vague health symptoms that the doctors can’t seem to pinpoint. Several years ago, one of my doctors suggested that I try an elimination diet to see if some of my problems could be triggered by food. The results revealed the foods that bothered me as a child had returned to bother me as an adult – eggs, corn, and wheat do not treat me nicely. Those are difficult foods to avoid! I couldn’t just stop eating them overnight. I had to relearn how to eat, especially breakfast. And, I still haven’t found a good replacement for corn chips and salsa. It takes baby steps to make a major diet change. Old habits are hard to break and taste buds have to be retrained. Plus, as I have learned, cooking from scratch takes time and planning. It is so much easier to have a drive-thru meal or something from a box or can. I have read so many of these blogs where folks have been very hard on themselves for breaking the food rules or setting the bar way high. Baby steps is what helped me the most. I focused on changing one meal at a time.

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