Is A Cheat Day Worth It?

Had a good weekend overall. Took my rest Sunday from working out and had a bit of a cheat day food-wise.

While I still stayed within my Calorie Count, I did gain a little back. Not much at all really, but now I have to decide is a tiny gain back worth having a day or meal where I can eat whatever or do I need to stick to my health food all the way through the weekend.

I haven’t decided quite yet.On the one hand it’s nice to have a meal where I’m just eating something different, but on the other, then I’m not making progress quite as quickly as I want. It’s quite a dilemma.

I’ll probably end up trying to stick it out and not cheat, at least during RBL at least, just because I know I’m more competitive then. IDK.

Perhaps I can just remind myself I can have a reward day for sticking out RBL after the 5K. It’s not like the food I’m eating isn’t tasty, because it really is, I like it a good bit, it’s just those darn cravings lol.

The weight is coming off. I guess overall that is what’s important.

Oh I found a weight-loss inspired devotional so I just started doing that this morning. Excited to intertwine my weight-loss journey with my Bible Reading =)

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