It was a good plan

Today was going to be filled with activity. I had a really good plan. Take the oldest to school and go straight to the gym with the younger 2. Do the Zumba class at 9:15 and my activtrax workout with a nice 10 minute cooldown after. Well I got so far as opening up the app to see my activtrax workout and the phone rang. My oldest had a fever and I needed to go pick him up asap. The rest of the day was spent trying to help a 7 year old boy feel comfortable enough to rest, and to keep his younger brothers from being to crazy loud. Which was a workout in itself 🙂

I had a really good plan that went in the trash when my little needed me. But I still got a great workout with Zumba and during the little people nap I did some weights at the house 🙂

The best laid plans get blown to smitherines when tiny humans get involved. Knowing God is in control of them too keeps me on the crazy side of sane 😉

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